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Terahashi, who did not get along with the class and had bad behavior, was scolded by Ai, a female teacher, for arguing with a local delinquent during a school trip, which was also the highlight of his life. pupil. Terahashi showed no remorse and accidentally peeked at Ai's bathtub. Ai-sensei, who I thought was a simple old lady, had big breasts and was very sexy. Ai, who noticed Terahashi painfully erecting a meat stick, showed a mischievous smile and pressed her massive chest close and whispered an obscene word. "Even though you're doing evil, you're a child that doesn't allow you to get hard like this...".

JUFE-440 Happy picnic with teacher

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 Movie Code: JUFE-440 

 Movie Studio: Fitch 

 Actor: Sayama Ai 

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